Billboard advertising in an evolving marketplace

by 15/10/2021

Every Billboard Advertisement has a story to tell

As part of a whole marketing effort, billboards tell a brand story in a way that is entertaining and engaging. With the right mix of engaging imagery and action-oriented text, billboards can inspire consumers to take the next step in the consumer’s journey.

But what does it mean to tell a story within a visual format? At a basic level, this means using facts, emotions, and calls to action to share a piece of the larger brand story. For example, a bulletin might help consumers understand why the company exists and what it does for its customers. Alternatively, the story might help consumers understand the brand’s values and how it interacts with the world.

The importance of Billboard Advertising in 2021

The word or term ‘billboard’ can be a little confusing because it’s more of an idiom than an advertising term. Marketers should understand that the term usually refers to a bulletin, the most common out-of-home (OOH) advertising format. It could also refer to a digital bulletin.

Why are they important?

  • Ad Blocking in the internet: Many digital consumers block advertisements in the internet by using “Adblockers”. Consumers either find advertisements annoying or they will quit watching a video because an advertisement got into the way of their video. For businesses should turn to “traditional” media and make Ads much more useful and effective, because consumers cannot “block” or escape OOH. From there it is up to you if you are going to earn their attention.
  • Brand Awareness: As we mentioned in our previous article, brand awareness comes from OOH if it is aimed correctly. Positioned in high traffic areas, bulletins can be effective at keeping brands top of the mind of the consumers. Consumers in Cyprus and especially in Nicosia see messages during heavy traffic, either travelling from work, school or going on a shopping excursion. Unlike online advertisements, they don’t get repetitive in consumer’s daily habits and they don’t block their destination.
  • Creative Outlet: Large format OOH enable brands to flex their creativity. With a literal blank canvas, creative teams have the space to develop engaging visuals that capture the attention of an intended audience. This unlocks faster growth, market efficiency and flexibility for short-term contracts and cost-saving opportunities.

Billboards play a key role in modern advertising campaigns. Through strategic placement, creative design and a results-oriented approach, billboard advertising can help support your brand’s growth goals. Start your next billboard campaign now.

Written by 160m²

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